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Welcome to Neurodiversity Pride USA! 

ND Pride USA is made by and for all neurodivergents and their allies. Everybody, of every neurotype, is welcome to join the celebration. 

Celebrate Neurodivergent Uniqueness, Celebrate Neurodiversity!

On June 16th, we celebrate the positive power of neurodiversity and embrace the differentness of neurodivergent individuals. In May 2024, New York officiated Neurodiversity Pride Day as the first American city, and will hoist the Neurodiversity Strengh Flag in celebration of this day of pride for all neurodivergent people. Also, there will be a online program with speakers and a special keynote by Sadie Dingefelder.



There are activities worldwide, and you are invited to organize your own, to celebrate, your own way, in your own way. The core tradition of celebrating Neurodiversity Pride Day, is for neurodivergents to take a moment, a minute, an hour, to reflect on what makes them proud of their ND self.  Neurodiversity Pride Day is a day created for and by the neurodivergent community, and supported by ND Pride NY projectleader Dave Thompson and the EU-based Neurodiversity Foundation.  

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a concept that refers to the diverse ways in which brains function, perceive, and understand the world. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and appreciating the unique strengths and abilities that arise from neurological variations.

It advocates for providing the necessary support and accommodations to neurodivergent individuals so they can thrive in a society typically tailored to the neuromajority. Autistics, ADHD individuals, gifted individuals, people with OCD, dyslexics (and many other neurodivergent groups, innate and acquired, diagnosed and self-identified) have uniquely different thinking patterns, and their diversity and individuality enrich the world in many ways. And if you are ND, there is nothing wrong with you, instead, ask yourself: Whats STRONG with you?

Celebrate neurodiversity: Celebrate your own way!

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How to Participate

On this page in the program area, we’ve added the flag hoisting in New York, the online program, and the USA Keynote by Sadie Dingefelder and the international keynote.

You can also have a look at other options on the activity page with ideas for  neurodivergent people, for ND friends, and for neuroinclusive organizations or companies.

How to support

ND Pride USA is created by neurodivergents & for neurodivergents. All tickets are free & Neurodiversity Pride is non-commercial. 

If you want to help: share information about the day and the activities, join the online talkss, provide practical support on the days themselves, share your expertise and personal experiences—any form of support is welcome!

If you’d like to lend your support, please contact ND Pride NY coordinator Dave Thompson or if you have question about the global celebrations, contact the ND Pride team of the EU based Neurodiversity Foundation.

Program & Activities

Neurodiversity Pride Activities – June 16th

Neurodiversity Pride Day Flaghoisting

The Neurodiversity Strength Flag, created by ND Advocate Josh Mirsky, and officiated by the New York Senate, will be hoisted on Neurodiversity Pride Day 2024. 

Aside New York, there are other places in the USA where the Neurodiversity Pride Day flag, the Neurodiversity Strenght Flag or the Infinity Flag is hoisted: any flag that supports the intent of the day is valid.

The traditional Neurodiversity Pride Day protocol of hoisting a flag, starts with participants assembling around the flagpole, and may start with introductory words from a neurodivergent advocate, organizer or local official. As the flag goes up, participants are invited to think of all neurodivergents worldwide, in all their struggles and challenges, and be in solidarity with each of them. As the flag is completely raised, participants are invited to reflect on how neurodiversity makes the world a more beautiful place. Organizers may deviate from this traditional protocol. 

All flags hoisted on Neurodiversity Pride Day, or in ND Pride Week, are requested to  be lowered on June 17th the latest, to respectfully make space for any Autistic Pride Day celebration. 


Local Activities

There are many local events and activities for neurodivergent people.

These activities are not listed on this page, but often are workshops, webinars, talks, picknicks, colored-socks events, sports activities and so much more. 

Neurodiversity Pride 24hours Neurodance

Starting in the USA, with ND DJs from all over the world, DJ Moonwyrm and her DJ friends “the Wyrmlings” will host the 2nd ever 24 hours-long Neurodiversity Pride Raid Train, also known as: The secret rave for pride. For 24 hours, many DJs will play their best songs for anyone joining in online, and, from home or any where else, do a little neurodancing. 

To join in: go to ndpride.online

USA Keynote

There are many speakers sharing their keynotes, live or online in the 12 participating countries and beyond. In the USA the main keynote will be shared by Sadie Dingefelder with an important message for those active in the neurodiversity movement.


Neurodiversity Pride Day – Main International Keynote

Main International Keynote

Each year, a daring pioneer of the neurodiversity movement shares a keynote adress. 

In recent years, the main keynotes were shared by ND Advocates Lyric Rivera, Judy Singer, Nancy Doyle and Jessica McCabe. In the 7th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day, a new pioneer will share a talk; The keynote will be premiered on the youtube channel of the Neurodiversity Foundation.


Add your activity

On the ‘get in touch’ page, you can add your own activity to the public schedule of ND Pride. To add your event to ND Pride USA, please contact ND Pride 2024 Team directly.

Download the logos and social media pack

Download the ND Pride logo’s and the social media pack with images in the Downloads page

Read about ND Pride Day

Read about Neurodiversity Pride Days at the FAQ page, or visit the pages of the 6 earlier editions.


If your organisation needs more information, send a mail to info@neurodiversityprideday.com.

Support the celebrations, create your own activity!

Find out more about the event

How to celebrate neurodivergent pride? 

Check out other ways to celebrate during Neurodiversity Pride Week

ND Pride 

Neurodiversity Pride Day: 16 June 2024.

ND Pride Week: 10-17 June 2024.



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