24 Hours ND DJ Raid Train

Dance on ND Pride!

Join the online neurodance, and dance in your own way

The tradition of neurodancing

Dance for Pride, Solidarity and for Fun, solo and together.  

    Each year, we organize a dancing project, in discoclubs creating a evening for neurodivergents who love dancing, or in the partyroom in virtual reality “PrideVerse”, or with the anthem “own kind”, or via livestreams of DJs on youtube, all to celebrate neurodiversity and neurodivergent uniqueness.Often we called this ‘Neurodance; the Secret Rave for Nd Pride’.
    In 2023, by initiative of DJ Moonwyrm and her DJ friends ‘the Wyrmlings’, a 24 hours ND DJ Raid Train was created, which was so much fun and beautiful, with DJs from allmost all continents and hundreds dancing till the very end of the 27 hour tour-de-force of DJing. It was the best ‘secret rave for ND Pride’ we ever had.
    We are delighted to see the 2nd edition on ND Pride Week 2024. We thank all DJs participating from each of their continents for supporting neurodivergent pride, solidarity and fun, and we send love to each dancer from each nation joining in the dance. Yes you are welcome, here. Join in.
    You can put on the music during your day, and do a secret dance.
    You can host a evening with friends, and have the music play.
    You can organize a event for people, and use the livestream as the sounds to dance to.
    You can rock, you can stimdance, you can dance any way you feel like.
    You can celebrate your own way, in your own way. And we hope, you’ll choose to dance.

Image of the, at the time, ‘largest VR dancing room in the world’. With images about popular ND celebratory days, the artwork from Nathan McConnel about ND activists, and memes.    

Image of the 2024 Virtual Stage in the PrideVerse. The DJ Raid Train can also be joined via twitch. The links will be hosted on this page. 

The Line-Up of 2024

The program is in the making. Return to this page at a later date to see the program. 

    The list of DJs and Links to their performances will be shared on this page. We will go live around June 15 & 16th. 

VR Tech sponsor

Ozone Metaverse has been supporting ND Pride, for many years, at great expense. 

Since Corona Times, the USA based tech-organization called Ozone Metaverse, have been crucial to enabling our virtual celebrations, with endless support in backend, development, and optimization to make our spaces to meet eachother in VR a reality. We thank our friend Jay Ess and his teams at Ozone, for generously supporting and sponsoring the tech we needed to build a home for ND Pride Neurodancing in our virtual world “PrideVerse”.

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How to celebrate neurodivergent pride? 

Check out ways to celebrate during Neurodiversity Pride Week

ND Pride 

ND Pride Week: 10-17 June 2024.

Neurodiversity Pride Day: 16 June 2024. 



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