Welcome to the 7th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day!
We’re thrilled to have you celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness and the value of neurodiversity in society with us for yet another year! Join activities in any of the 15 participating countries, organize your own, or celebrate the day in your own way.

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Neurodiversity Pride Celebrations in 15 Nations

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There are 60+ speakers, in multiple languages and some very special keynotes.

Many activities to join

There are many fun activities and events to join, or you can organize your own: Celebrate the day the way you want to celebrate it.

Many Flaghoisting & Local Events

Join a local event, or create you own event, solo or together, celebrate your way, your own way.

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For All Neurodivergents

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2024 is the 7th annual day of Pride for Neurodivergent individuals worldwide, with activities from 10-17 June, and the official day on June 16th.

During Neurodiversity Pride Day we celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness and the value of neurodiversity in society; a day to appreciate all who are neurologically distinct. Celebrated worldwide, its a day created by and for neurodivergents, and those who love us.

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Neurodiverse Families & Friends

Welcome to Neurodiversity Pride Day!

Join us in celebrating the diversity of our brains and the beautiful connections we form with families and friends.

As we welcome the 7th edition of the Neurodiversity Pride Day, we invite you to take a moment to explore the success of the 2023 edition here.

But this isn’t just about looking back, it’s also about looking forward. Show your neurospicy friend or family member you care by organizing an activity for ND Pride Day!

Support and celebrate with your loved ones!

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Organisations, Governments & Companies

Welcome to Neurodiversity Pride Day!

This year marks the 7th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day. It’s a day to honour the diversity within our brains and bring focus to the valuable contributions neurodivergent individuals bring to our communities and workplaces.

To explore some of the activities your organisation could do to support, click here for organisations and click here for companies.

Beyond staying informed, we urge organizations like yours to take real action too to become more neuroinclusive. Celebrate neurodiversity by organizing activities within your company. Embrace neurodivergent talent by making steps. Don’t know where to start? Check out the FAQ or the Downloads page, or… Get In Touch!

Support and celebrate neurodivergents in your teams.

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How to celebrate neurodivergent pride? 

Check out ways to celebrate during Neurodiversity Pride Week

ND Pride 

Neurodiversity Pride Day: 16 June 2024.

ND Pride Week: 10-17 June 2024.

ND Pride Weekend: 14,15 & 16 June 2024.



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