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Neurodiversity Pride Day - Den Haag

Welkom bij Neurodiversity Pride – The Hague! 

Neurodiversity Pride Day celebration on June 16th 2024.

Neurodiversity Pride Day Event in The Hague!

On June 16th we will celebrate ND Pride in The Hague for the very first time! 

Details about the event:

  • Date: Sunday 16 June 2024
  • Time: 11am-1pm
  • Location: The Social Hub, The Hague
  • For whom: Neurodiversgents & their friends and family (diagnosed or not)
  • Cost: circa 5.00 – 7.50 euros per person, including broodje/drink for lunch, to support covering the organizing costs of the event. 
  • Tickets: via The Social Hub Eventbrite, via this link
  • Amount of available tickets: Maximum – 50 participants
  • Contact: Renee Tentori, renee@zestee.com 
  • Program: Check out the program in The Hague for June  16th.
  • Other Activities: Check out the general activities and ideas for neurodivergents, for ND friends, and for neuroinclusieve organizations or companies.
  • FamiLOVE: Check out the FamiLIEFDE page for neurodiverse families (dutch language only).


    Want to help or volunteer?
    Projectleader of ND Pride Den Haag is Renee Tentori. Contact renee@zestee.com for questions, suggestions or great ideas to support the day. For general questions about ND Pride contact: info@neurodiversityprideday.com

    Program ND Pride –  The Hague

    Program –  June 16th 2024

    ND Pride The Hague is made by and for neurodivergent people. Everyone, of every neurotype is welcome. The program on this page is subject to changes. 

    Neurodiversity Pride Day Flag Hosting | 11:00 - 11:15

    Where: Courtyard, The Social Hub

    Why: Part of the international national neurodiversity pride flag hoisting.

    Chill & Recharge Room | 11:15 - 13:00

    One space will be put aside as a quiet space for those who may need it: The Recharge & Chill Room

    Family Room | 11:15 - 13:00

    Neurodiverse families meetup

    For those with children, Mayank will welcome you to the family room. In this space, we will focus on simply coming together to connect with other neurodiverse families. Depending on the needs of those present, in the short time together we can briefly discuss what we could learn from each other and share some ideas and resources that could be helpful to explore beyond this event. Mayank Saxena works at ABN AMRO Bank as an Enterprise Architect, where apart from his usual duties he is spokesperson for Neurodiversity and a father of a child on the Spectrum.

    Welcome & Introduction Winter garden | 11:15 - 11:30

    Introductory Talk by Renèe Tentori, Zestee + Embracing Diversities

    Panel presentation, Wintergarden, The Social Hub | 11:30 - 12:00

    A panel with 5 x 5 minute perspectives on neurodiversity, by:

    Marije Pietersma, Founder, The Brain Hub

    Jonathan Evans, Lecturer/Researcher at InHolland

    Jan H. Hellberg, Talent Architect at EPO

    Clara Otremba, Philosophy

    Kevin Hoogerheide, Cheval – Equine Assisted Therapy

    Lunch & discussion | 12:00-12:30

    Lunchtime & discussion

    Short presentations & workshops #1 | My journey as a neurodiverse content creator | 12:30-13:00

    Presentation by Tilo van Driel:  My journey as a neurodiverse content creator 

    Tilo is a young Dutch-American man with autism, living in the Hague. He works at Restaurant Parkoers, a workplace for special needs young adults, and recently moved into his own apartment within an assisted living facility in the center of town. 


    Despite his disability, Tilo has been a passionate content producer for many years, creating music, videos and memes on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. He will share what it’s like to be a content producer, focussing primarily on TikTok.

    Short presentations & workshops #2 | The Power of Neurodivergent Brains | 12:30-13:00

    Presentation by Marije Pietersma from The Brain Hub: The Power of Neurodivergent Brains

    The Brain Hub is a training, consulting and communications agency. and helps organisations to name the talents in teams.
    When the power of neurodiversity is recognised in the workplace, you ensure satisfied employees, build teams that are buzzing with creativity and there is demonstrably less absenteeism and staff turnover.

    We deploy our e-learning modules, master classes, training courses and tools to understand and discuss the neurodivergent brain. We are there to unburden, bring knowledge and awareness, and bring out the best in the organisation and employees.

    End of the event | 13:00

    At 13.00 the event is officially over, however: Participants can choose to stay on in the cafe if they wish and meet each other. 

    Resources & Info

    Add your activity

    At the ”get in touch” page, there is the ability to addd your own activity to the public agenda of ND Pride 2024. 

    Download the logos

    Download the ND Pride logo’s and artwork in the Downloads page

    Read about ND Pride Day

    Read about Neurodiversity Pride Days at the FAQ page, or visit the pages of the 6 earlier editions.


    If your organisation needs more information, send a mail to info@neurodiversityprideday.com.

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    How to celebrate neurodivergent pride? 

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    ND Pride 

    Neurodiversity Pride Day: 16 June 2024.

    Neurodiversiteitsweekend – ND Pride Leiden: 14-16 June.

    ND Pride Week: 10-17 June 2024.



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