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Welcome to Neurodiversity Pride Iran! 

ND Pride Iran is made by and for all neurodivergents and their allies. Everybody, of every neurotype, is welcome to join the celebration. 

Celebrate Neurodiversity!

On June 16th, we celebrate the positive power of neurodiversity and embrace the differentness of neurodivergent individuals. In 2024, Iran joins the ND Pride celebrations for the first time! The first event will be a panel session on Neurodivergent Iranian women in the Workplace. The language used in the event will be Iranian.

Neurodiversity Pride Iran a day of positivity, created for and by the community, and supported by ND Pride Iran projectleader Sayena and the Neurodiversity Foundation.  

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a concept that refers to the diverse ways in which brains function, perceive, and understand the world. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and appreciating the unique strengths and abilities that arise from neurological variations.

It advocates for providing the necessary support and accommodations to neurodivergent individuals so they can thrive in a society typically tailored to those who meet the norm. The core idea behind this concept is that this diversity is invaluable to society as a whole, even when it deviates from the conventional norm.

Autistics, ADHD individuals, gifted individuals, people with OCD, dyslexics (and many other neurodivergent groups) all possess unique thinking patterns, and their diversity and individuality enrich the world in many ways.

It is essential to acknowledge that neurodivergent individuals have something special to offer, and they may proudly embrace their own identity. Through Neurodiversity Pride, attention is drawn to this, both individually and collectively, both ceremonially and informally. Celebrate neurodiversity: Celebrate your own way!

ND Pride Belgium

How to Participate

On this page we’ll share information about the panel. 

You can also have a look at other options on the activity page with ideas for  neurodivergent people, for ND friends, and for neuroinclusive organizations or companies.

How to support

ND Pride Iran is created by neurodivergents, for neurodivergents. All tickets are free & ND Pride Iran is non-commercial. 

If you want to help: share information about the day and the activities, join the online talks and offline activities, provide practical support on the days themselves, share your expertise and personal experiences—any form of support is welcome!

If you’d like to lend your support, please contact coordinator Sayena or if you have question about the global celebrations, contact the ND Pride team.

Program & Activities

Program ND Pride Iran – June 16th 2024

ND Pride Iran - Panel

For ND Pride Iran, there will be a panel about Iranian ND women in the workplace. 

Neurodiversity Pride Day – June 16th – Main Keynote

Main Keynote

Each year, a daring pioneer of the neurodiversity movement shares a keynote adress. 

In recent years, the main keynotes were shared by ND Advocates Lyric Rivera, Judy Singer, Nancy Doyle and Jessica McCabe. In the 7th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day, a new pioneer will share a talk; The keynote will be premiered on the youtube channel of the Neurodiversity Foundation.

Support the celebrations, create your own activity!

Find out more about the event

How to celebrate neurodivergent pride? 

Check out other ways to celebrate during Neurodiversity Pride Week

ND Pride 

Neurodiversity Pride Day: 16 June 2024.

ND Pride Week: 10-17 June 2024.



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