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What Organisations can do to celebrate ND Pride from 10-17 June?

Organize an activity

The most fun thing to do, is to organize something…. fun!

Publish a hopeful message

As representative organisation, show a uplifting message to your teams & clients. 

Share a post on social media

Show your support of ND Pride on the social media channels. 

Show appreciation towards ND collegaes

ND Pride Week, is the perfect week to show extra love to your ND teammembers. 

Show appreciation towards ND clients, partners and crew

Reach out. The unsaid will never be felt, while the said has the power to heal and energize. 

Share knowledge via a workshop, webinar or session

Showcase your expertise!

Honor national and local politicians that supported Neurodiversity friendly policies

Politicians, that give ND’s hope for a neurodiversity friendly future exists. Honor those few, with kind words. 

Support 'peace in the movement'

The Neurodiversity Movement is rife with misunderstanding. Bury the hatchet, extend your hand in friendship. 

Make a Pride collage

Make a fun collage with your co-workers showing your pride. 

Create a coming out as ND party

Create a safe place for people to come out for who they are. 

Organize a movie-night or matinee

Recruit a cinema to show your ND related movie picks, or bring your own beamers to your own locations. 

Make your own NeuroDance

On June 16th, we will have 24 hours of ND DJs playing music, stream it into your event. (link will be provided on this page on June 9th)

Create a ND Outting

Organize a fun activity for NDs in your organisation, as a fun way to meet each other. 

Shower ND Dads with love

Parenting rarely is a easy task. Find a wa to shower ND dads with some extra love. 

What Companies can do to celebrate ND Pride from 10-17 June?

Organize a luncheon

Coordinate & pay for a free lunch meet for neurodivergents & company allies. 

Publish a neuroinclusive message from the leadership team

In any larger sized company, neurodivergents are in leadership, but on any other level too. Publish a inspiring message to them of being welcome and valued. 

Evaluate your screening, evaluation and hiring processes

If you want more ND Talents, stop making it difficult to join in: evaluate those screening processes!

Support the creation of a ND network for employees

Employee resource groups have existed for a long time, the “neurodiversity network” is a neurodivergence-focussed support group. 

Recruit a neurodivergent for awareness sessions about neurodiversity

Do DEI right: Neurotypical leadership should allow neurodivergents to share their lived experience.

Amplify the message of inclusion and diversity through social media

Your voice as a company matters. To customers. To teammembers. To the world. Join the progressive message of inclusion. 

Launch company initiative to become neuroinclusive

Around ND Pride week, lots of initiatives are launched to make companies more neuroinclusive.

Launch jobs program for neurodivergent workers

Startup a jobs programs geared to hire neurodivergent talent. 

Upgrade your ability to accomodate

Providing accomodations, is a long a complicated journey. Evaluate your current state, and how to improve to the next level. 

Provide DEI ambassadors with decision making abilities

Empower your DEI warriors. Especially if they fight for neurodivergent coworkers.

Organize a webinar for teammembers

Neurodiversity Pride is about appreciation, but this often starts with awareness. Organize a webinar with a ND speaker!

Hire Neurodivergent Employees

No ND employees? No ND Pride celebrations! Make ND Pride Week a hiring week.

Raise funds for charity

Yes: We will gratefully accept any donations. 

Plan a date for management sensitivity training

Showing that beautiful words are beyond the performative, is the key to actually becoming more neuroinclusive. Enroll all in the leadership for training.

Evaluate Hiring & Escalation processes

Start a company wide evaluation for possible de-escalation strategies in NT&ND frictions.

Fundraising Sports activity

Contact the Stride team to talk about options:



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