To celebrate ND Pride, we offer flags that can be ‘hoisted’ during ND Pride week, the 7th edition will be from 10-17th of June 2024. The flags can also be used as decoration, or in any way you like.

Welcome to our Flag Store of Neurodiversity Pride celebrations. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to be among the first to own this exclusive flag. Pre-order now and secure your piece of ND Pride history!

We offer multiple sizes of flags, and multiple designs. We sell the flags for more that they cost to create, and use the revenue to support the non-profit activities during ND Pride Week. 


  • XL: 200 by 300 cm, perfect for most flagpoles (recommended).  
  • L: 150 by 200 cm.
  • M: 100 by 75 cm.


  • The Neurodiversity Pride flag (sky blue & purple with a Kite logo in contrasting colors)
  • The Infinite rainbow flag (white, rainbow infinity sign)

Product Details:

Our ND Pride Flags are crafted with precision and care. Made from high-quality materials, it features a unique design that represents the logo of ND Pride: “a kite soaring in the sky without a rope, trailed by a ribbon of infinity signs”. See some examples of the first ever created ND Pride flags, hoisted during ND Pride week, on this page.  

Pre-Order Process:

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  • Orders are considered confirmed only after successful payment.

Payment Information:

  • Shipping: Calculated based on your location. 
  • Accepted Payment Methods: tba

Shipping Details:

  • Estimated Shipping Time: Shipping times may vary. We aim to make sure all flags are delivered in the weeks before ND Pride (June 10-17th)
  • Shipping Regions: We currently ship to Europa, North-America, Australia. We are looking for ways to ship globally. If your country is not listed in the shipping regions, contact us directly. 

Contact Information:

Have questions or need assistance? Contact us at or if you have other questions, use our contact form.


Q: Can I cancel my pre-order?

  • A: Pre-orders can be canceled, until the payment is made.

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