Neurodiversity Pride Day


“What’s STRONG with you?”

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2023 was the 6th annual day of Pride for Neurodivergent individuals worldwide, with activities from 12-22 June, and the official day on June 16th. Neurodiversity Pride Day 2024 will be organized on June 16th, with activities from 10-17th of June. 

During Neurodiversity Pride Day, the first 5 editions on June 18th, and starting in 2023 at June 16th, we celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness and the value of neurodiversity in society; a day to appreciate all who are neurologically distinct. Celebrated worldwide, its a day created by and for neurodivergents, and those who love us.

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Neurodiversity Pride Day is the global celebration of the value of people with different types of minds. Its organized since 2018, every year on June 16th or 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. And also to have a day to celebrate your own unique traits, and how it benefits the world. We all have something unique and awesome to contribute, and on this day we invite all to show what they are proud of!

On Neurodiversity Pride Day, we as neurodivergents take a moment to reflect on what we are proud for in our own life, the love we bring to our families and friends, the value we add to teams and the everyday courage it takes to be yourself.

A day to turn the page of a difficult past or present, and rejoice in the fact, that there is only one person like yourself. And that this uniqueness, is something to be proud of. You, be you, and this day invites all to celebrate your own way, the way you want to do so yourself.

Neurodiversity Pride Day 

Who it’s for and how to participate

For Neurodivergents

This day is created by neurodivergents, to celebrate self-acceptance of ourselves, and appreciation towards our kind; those who are neurologically unlike most others. For one day, we shift our focus to how we make society more beautiful and vital, in spite of any of the struggles we face daily. For one day, we pride ourselves with having the courage to keep being ourselves, regardless of the negative stereotypes and efforts to minimize our uniqueness. For one day in the year, we take a moment to reflect on what makes us proud to be our neurodivergent self. That day is June 16th; Neurodiversity Pride Day. 

There are many activities too, in about 11 countries in 2023. Check out some of the main activity posters on the top of the page, join a local activity, dance in the metaverse or in a neurodance, create your own event of moment,  see the keynotes, listen to the ND Pride anthem, learn in webinars, visit your ND peers, send them a message of support or just a ‘happy neurodiversity pride day’ wish. Do whatever you like. Solo or together, its all good; celebrate your own way, in your own way.

For All

👉Celebrate those who are most unlike yourself

Dyslexia existed before books were written, ADHD and Autistic genes were active 10.000 years ago, but in current society we are a minority that fights hard to be accepted as we are naturally. Every person in this world, knows neurodivergents, in their friends, teams, family, and most love at least one of them. On this day, neurodivergents stand in defiance of those societal forces wanting us gone. Stand with us.

Be Kind.

Read more about what you can do on Neurodiversity Pride Day:

  • Send a message of love and acceptance
  • Join activities or spend time with your favorite neurodivergent.
  • Go for kindness. This is what neurodivergents need in todays culture.
  • Learn from activities and talks shared in the last 5 editions, or join the 2023 activities.
  • Shout out “Happy Neurodiversity Pride” in the week of June 16th as a sign of support, and/or use the hashtag #neurodiversitypride.
For Organizations

Celebrate your neurodivergent teammembers

Most organizations accomodating a neurodiverse workforce, become market leaders; 35% of CEOs are dyslectic or ADHD, and Autistics found often to be the key to true innovation. If your organization is supported too by the power of neurodiversity, we invite you to celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day, and spread some warmth to neurodivergents working in your teams.

“One of us. Gobble Gobble. We accept you. One of us.”

Read more about how your organization can join Neurodiversity Pride Day:

  • Organize a luncheon for neurodivergent teammembers
  • Publish a message from the leadership team
  • Amplify the message of inclusion and diversity through social media
  • Evaluate your screening, evaluation and hiring processes.
For Family & Alllies

👉Embrace all types of minds and support your favorite Neurodivergent!

Today is a wonderful day to learn more, about the neurodivergent others in your life.

Seek for ways to understand, before asking the question. Seek for ways to support, before wanting applause for it. Seek for ways to help people understand, that this world needs all minds, and that differences and diversity is what make our world vital, fun and interesting. Seek for ways to undermine people making money from ABA, or any questionable money scheme hurting neurodivergent kind. Seek for way to make this world more equal and just. Accept neurodivergents, for who they are, rather than what you expect them to be.

For Political Changemakers

👉Know, that your work can give others hope for a neuroinclusive future.

The Neuro Inclusive Politician Awards is a award honoring national politicians who are impacting neurodivergent individuals in a positive way. They give us hope for a neuroinclusive future.

Yes, we see you. 

A neurodivergent committee selects every 2 years candidates and follows and evaluates nominated politicians. On ND Pride Day, the winning politician is presented with an award.

The Countdown To Neurodiversity Pride Day | June 16 2024








Countdown to ND Pride Day

List of Top Main Events for ND Pride Day 2023

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2023: Celebrating Neurodivergent Pride. June 16th.
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2023: Celebrating Neurodivergent Pride. June 16th. Pride universe.

VR Event

There is going to be another wild VR event hosted in the “Pride universe of the Neurodiverse”. All are welcome to an unregulated hangout and meet others in the “Friends Room“, both on desktop as with VR gear. In the “Party Room“, there will be a 24 hours Neurodivergent DJ Marathon Raid with tunes from the Wyrmlings & Friends. 

You Time

ND Pride, is more about YOU, than about anybody else. If there is anything you choose to do today, we’d recommend a moment to reflect, for each of us neurodivergents. to remember what we are proud of, about our own neurodivergent selves and what we bring to the world. To smile, knowing it’s a lot. In the “You Room“, the ND Pride Anthem “Own Kind” can be heard.

NeuroEmergence Online Summit

A free 2 day conference with experts and neurodivergents sharing in a online gathering. Tickets are free, the theme of this edition is “Owning Your Stories” and is created by the Neurodiversity Education Academy. We’ll gather, talk, learn and listen to many wonderful contributors, like Martin Bloomfield. Stephanie Raber, Tahirah Yasin, and Frank Emboltura  Stephen Emmanuel, Marc Almodovar, Mark Stoddart, Rebecca Garside Joy Carol Young, Leena Haque, Autumn Kelley and Georgia Kyriakopoulus.

Local Activities in participating nations

The list of local activities in NL, UK, USA, Australia, Belgium, Phillipines, Egypt, Greece and many more, will be too long to share, and some are organized on different dates. The first event in Greece starts in June 12th, the earliest official event on Neurodiversity Pride Day is the flag-hoisting in New York, and the last event celebrating neurodivergent pride is on June 22nd. But there are always Neurodivergents looking to join in. Join in, or even better: organize your own event. Celebrate in  your own way. We welcome activities from all nations, that respect the 3 basic guidelines.

Neurodiversity Keynote of the Year

Every Year we ask a daring pioneer to speak about Neurodiversity. In 2023, we are grateful for Professor Nancy Doyle to be the Keynote Address speaker of 2023. Go to the Keynote page, to also see some of our other favorite keynotes of this 6th edition, like  Jessica McCabe.

Support & Cocelebrations

There are many ways to support the celebrations. Share a ‘happy neurodiversity pride day’ message on your social media channels, to pass on the positivity to others.

You can use #NDpride #NeurodiversityPride #Neurodiversityprideday or #NeurodivergentPride as hashtags. ND Pride Day, Neurodiversity Day, and Neurodivergent Pride Day have been accepted alternatively used names for Neurodiversity Pride Day celebrations in June since the start.


During Covid times, we cancelled our “big” dance event, and created the largest VR Partyroom with live DJs. The dream of dancing together face-to-face, will be reinstated in 2023, with the first all-night NeuroDance! Get your free tickets for the live event in Leiden, or organize your own NeuroDance locally. If you need support, contact us via the contact form.

Hoisting the ND Pride Flag

A new tradition: Hoisting the ND Pride Day flag! In some cities, really good things are happening to support neurodivergent folks, and in that effort, the municipality can be a shining star for other cities to be inspired by. In 2023, the first ND Pride Day Flag is hoisted in 3 countries. The symbolical first time ever, will be in a city that clearly shows its moves towards neuroinclusion. Hoisting these flags, will become a new tradition in ND Pride Day celebrations.

UNITED NATIONS World Calendar bid

In gratefulness for all supporters, sponsors and enthusiasts, and with great love for all who celebrated ND Pride in the past, our main growth aim for the next 2 years is for our day of pride, to be accepted on a global level: there will be a bid towards the UN to have ND Pride enlisted on the United Nations World Calendar in 2024.

Neuro Inclusive Politician Award

Every 2 years, a politician is selected from a group of nominees, as the winner of the neuroinclusive politician award, commonly called: “NIP“. This award is currently only in the Netherlands.

EU "7th Pillar" Policy Request

The EU action is calling for the European Commission to include neurodiversity as the 7th pillar of inclusion, in order to foster acceptance and accommodation for all EU neurodivergents. The official start of this project is on ND Pride 2023.

Neurodiversity Networks meetups

June 16 is the best day in the year to launch, or meetup with your neurodiversity network. This is a group of ND peers in your own organization. If your organization does not have a network, yet, you can invite fellow neurodivergents to drink coffee or lunch together.

Stride Sports Activities

Stride is the first collective neurodivergent sports event, where we will be going the distance together. Join in, download the app for Iphone or Android and do your own stride in the week of June 16th. Solo, as a duo or united as a group. Visit the Stride site for more information.

Coming Out as Neurodivergent

To show yourself as Neurodivergent to the world, is takes bravery. It may take courage. But perhaps, this is your day, to release yourself of “the mask”, and embrace your most authentic nature.

Fundraising for Pride

The implementation of many ND Pride activities is dependent upon funding for it. While we as a non-profit group have funded almost all costs in the past, providing all participants free tickets, we can definitively confirm some of the larger and smaller activities, like the ND Kids Club or XL Stride events in 20 countries, only when they are financially possible. Donations for ND Pride are accepted by the Neurodiversity Foundation (charity based in NL).


Celebrate ND Pride Day, any way you like… 

Celebrate it by yourself. Or with your friends. Or with your team. Or meet others in the activities. Set up your own ND network. Do a Stride Action. Join the conference. Share ‘Happy Neurodiversity Pride Day’ online. Listen to the yearly keynote on Neurodiversity. Check out ND Artists and poets. Send a warm message to a neurodivergent you like….

Celebrate the day, in your own way. 


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us. 

Why do you celebrate Neurodivergent Pride on Neurodiversity Pride Day?

👉Many social movements have made a improvement in society, in waves of ’emancipation’. First waves are considered by the Womens Rights movement, the movements boosting equal rights regardless of skincolor, and more recently, the LGTBQ movement supporting equal rights for people with non-heterosexual orientations and non-cisgender identities. The ‘4rth wave’ is for Neurodivergents, celebrating that their differences are of value, not something to be eliminated from society. 

In a time, where most of us deal often with the negative stereotypes created by others, we have chosen a day as a rebuke, a day to shine our light, and remember that each of us has a lot to be proud of.  

Can Neurotypical persons join in celebration?

👉The day is organized by, and created for Neurodivergents: Autistics, ADHD’ers, Dyslectics, Tourettians and all that have a neurologically distinct mind. Neurotypicals are allowed to join the celebration, as long as they behave like an ally in support of the day. ND Pride is thereby not a ‘awareness day for neurotypicals to inform themselves’, the day is more of a party of self-acceptance and belongs to neurodivergents. 

Why was the date changed from 18th to the 16th of June

👉We have celebrated the first 5 editions of ND Pride on the 18th of June. We made this choice with their endorsement, as a sign of respect towards the group that inspired us most to start: the founders of Autistic Pride Day. However, since ND Pride has been growing exponentially, and now reaches millions worldwide, we have chosen to move the day of Pride for all neurodivergent kind, towards the 16th of June. And request recognition from the UN World Calender, to become a global day, with this new date, on their calendar. 

Does it have to do with anything LGTBQ?

👉It does not. There are many movements supporting a positive change, and we stand in solidarity with them, like the LGTBQ Pride movement, but also with Autistic Pride,  and with Mad Pride. In each of these movements, you will find the wish from a marginalized group to be accepted as they are, and we hope for a world where each of these movements will be succesfull. We visit our collegaes events, support where possible and forge friendships. However: The ND Pride movement, is a movement in its own right, with its own culture, its own ideas and ways to celebrate. Its not the same as other Pride Movements, and its not connected directly to the change they wish to see in the world.  

What are the ideas behind the day?

👉Every neurodivergent adds something of beauty to this world, that would otherwise be ‘just NT’. We celebrate each individual, each unique brain, each neurodivergent. 

The most important part of ND Pride, is that this is the day for neurodivergent, to reflect on the good that they bring to the world. Which we call ‘you time’.  

Since we know that jobs are the most important way to elevate our marginalized group, we are enthusiastic about working with organizations that create jobs or workplaces suitable for neurodivergents. Neurodiversity makes a team stronger, and we hope for a future where this can be accomodated in a effective way. 


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Proud to be Neurodivergent!

There are the Three Basic Rules for organizers.

Activities that do not adhere to these three rules, are not part of Neurodiversity Pride Day Celebrations. 

Nothing About Us, Without Us.

Nothing about us without us: in each activity, a neurodivergent needs to have a role.

No Racism

No racism or discrimination of any kind allowed. A world that is better for all, is a world where any person has the ability to thrive, regardless of which skincolor, culture or neurotype they are born into. Therefore, we stand with all minorities reclaiming their pride.

No Sad Stories

No sad stories, on this day; you can do that on every other day, June 16th is created to celebrate the reasons giving us our pride.