ND Pride Flag – XL


The Official Neurodiversity Pride Day Flag, the perfect flag for flaghoistings on June 16th!

  • Size: 300cm x 200cm.
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The official Neurodiversity Pride Day Flag.

Get one delivered to you, for a flag-hoisting on June 16th or from 10-17th of June, for your ND Pride event, for decoration, or any other use.

Type: The Neurodiversity Pride Flag is purple to skyblue, with the logo (The kite soaring without strings) in white. Its available in sizes Small (150cm x 100cm) Large (225cm x 150cm) and XL (300cm x 200cm). 

Price: The price is the costprice of producing the flag, plus a donation for the ND Pride team to fund upcoming celebrations. This is for our organisation a way to pay for our own charitable initiatives, reducing the need for external funds. There is no VAT on the bill, due to tax regulations for charities.  

Material: Longlife Flag material: This structured and non-fraying material has small holes (115 grams). Because of these holes, the fabric is much more resistant to heavy gusts of wind. A longer lifespan is therefore guaranteed! This material is also suitable for open areas or the beach.

Setup: The flag has a tunnel of white fabric allowing ropes to be used, as well as hooks on top and bottom. 

Delivery & Shipping: We deliver in many countries, but not all. Check whether your flag can be shipped to your country. We aim to process all orders and ship the flags each week. We collaborate with a dutch flag maker for the delivery, payment and shipping process. 


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Dimensions 300 × 200 cm