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This is your invitation to ND Pride 2024!

We are delighted to invite you and/or your organization to participate in the 7th edition of ND Pride 2024, the annual celebration of pride for all neurodivergent individuals and their allies worldwide! 

This year marks the 7th official celebration of Neurodiversity Pride Day on June 16, organized for & by the neurodivergent community, supported by the ND Pride 2024 team, volunteers & the Neurodiversity Foundation. Additionally, many organizations and ND initiators are hosting various activities from June 10-17.

What is ND Pride, Neurodiversity Pride Day?

ND Pride stands for acceptance, inclusion, and appreciation for the uniqueness of neurodivergent individuals. Just as the LGBTQ community has its Pride week, ND Pride has been a day of pride for all neurodivergent people since 2018, not only in the Netherlands but also in many other countries where this day is celebrated. ‘Neurodivergent’ includes all groups with uniquely functioning brains (autistics, dyslexics, ADHDers, gifted individuals, OCDers, and many more), with or without formal diagnosis, innate and acquired.

It is a day of positive self-reflection, genuine appreciation, warmth, rebellious joy, and solidarity with everyone with a unique brain. 

It is a day when we reflect on the importance of being authentic in all our neurodivergent differences, and being proud of how we make the world more beautiful and better by – against the tide of normalization – continuing to choose to be ourselves. 


Below is information about dates, activities, events, how to add your own event, access, flags, social media kit, keynotes, city programs, names, the main action, the 3 rules for organizers, and the ultimate goal. 

When: Neurodiversity Pride Day is annually on June 16. Activities are organized in 2024 from June 10 – 17, this week is called “ND Pride Week”.  

Activities: On the website, there is an activities page with suggestions for neurodivergent individuals, for neurodiverse families, and for friends

Events: Activities for organizations, companies, and government are mainly organized by these organizations themselves and are usually intended for internal employees and members of neurodiversity networks. For inspiration, see activities for (commercial) companies, and for (non-profit) organizations

Public Events: In addition to the activities, there are also events, such as a three-day conference ” NeuroEmergence”, a 24-hour Raid Rave with ND DJs (available on, keynotes from speakers, and much more. The full calendar will go ‘live’ on June 1 to give organizations the opportunity to add their public activities. 

Add Your Own Event: If your own activity or event is open to others, and any tickets are free, and it takes place between June 10-17, you may add your own activity to the public events calendar.

Access: All activities are generally free or cost-covering, and everyone of every neurotype is welcome.

Flags: Visit our “Flagstore” on the webshop to receive an official Neurodiversity Pride Day flag, in sizes small, large, or XL. The XL flag is recommended for flag raisings (this can be done on any day in ND Pride week), large is often also suitable for smaller flagpoles. Tips for the three procedural steps in an ND Pride flag raising can also be found on the website. 

Social Media Kit: Download the social media kit or logos on the resources page  to spread the message.

City Programs: There are local activity programs in various cities. If something is happening in your city, or you want to organize something yourself, add it to the calendar so others can join.  

Keynotes: Last year there were keynotes by Jessica McCabe (HowtoAdhd) and Nancy Doyle (GeniusWithin). There are again some very special keynotes this year. These will also be recorded, and made visible in the event calendar on the keynote page on June 16. 

The Main Action: Although many fun activities and interesting events are organized, the real core of the day is the tradition for neurodivergent individuals to take a minute (or longer) to reflect on what they are proud of as neurodivergent individuals, in harmony and self-acceptance of all their differences. And for the ‘allies’ (family members, friends, partners, colleagues, team members) to reflect on what they appreciate in their favorite neurodivergent(s). 

Names: Neurodiversity Pride Day, conceived in 2016 and started in 2018, has over the years received many (allowed) nicknames such as ND Pride (since 2019), Neurodivergent Pride Day (since 2020), Neurodiversity Day/Weekend/Week (since 2021). The two oldest names are used most often by the organizers.  

End Goal: The ultimate goal and plan is to make Neurodiversity Pride Day a recognized international day on the United Nations World Calendar, so that it may be openly celebrated worldwide in every country. During ND Pride Week, the preparatory research group will present their progress. 

Rules for Organizers: 1) no discrimination 2) no focus on sad stories 3) organize with a neurodivergent, never without. 

Questions: Many questions are answered on the FAQ page. If what you are looking for is not there; email

How To Participate:

  • Be active on social media and share our message.
  • Check out the activities or drop by events. 
  • Inform your colleagues, friends, or family, and encourage participation.
  • Organize an event or activity within your organization, location, or city.
  • Make your celebration inclusive and open to all neurodivergents and allies.
  • Show solidarity with all neurodivergent people worldwide by raising the ND Pride flag. 
  • Celebrate the day in your own way. 

We hope for your participation! Let us know how you’re going to participate and stay tuned via our emails for further updates on speakers, programs, and more.

With Love & Pride 

ND Pride 2024 Team & Neurodiversity Foundation

Disclaimer: The texts on our websites are written with care by people who love neurodivergent people. Despite our carefulness, texts can contain mistakes, misunderstandings, or be perceived as offensive. Let us know, then we will adjust it. We are human, we make mistakes, and we love feedback.

How to celebrate neurodivergent pride? 

Check out ways to celebrate during Neurodiversity Pride Week

ND Pride 

ND Pride Week: 10-17 June 2024.

Neurodiversity Pride Day: 16 June 2024. 



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